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Mäkelä Alu Ltd is a family-owned company specialized in aluminium profiles with an over 70-year history in the metal industry. For the past 20 years Mäkelä Alu has concentrated on aluminium profile extrusion and surface treatment. Production facilities, logistics and aluminium expertise are improved constantly. Around 90% of our products are aluminium profiles tailored according to the needs of our customers. Mäkelä Alu is the perfect partner when you need an agile and reliable aluminium expert. 

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Standard profiles




Mäkelä Alu uses first-class material manufactured from primary aluminium. The high quality material plays a crucial role when it comes to profile´s strength features, surface quality and succeeding in surface treatment. Profiles can also be manufactured from special alloys or using a special heat treatment technique for specific, challenging needs. Production efficiency and high quality products are results of first-class material, continuous improvement and expert staff. 




Mäkelä Alu is an environmentally responsible company. Ecological values are born among other things from efficient logistics. Aluminium profile production and surface treatment is done in the same factory complex. Further processing of the profiles can be also done within few hundred meters from our factory due to our wide subcontracting network. A 70-year history in our home village has instilled responsible traditions and respect for the environment.

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