Where can I find instructions for how to start designing my product?

The profile design guide will help you in the process.


If I buy design services from Mäkelä Alu, do I also have to order the products from you?

Not at all. After the design process, we will make an offer on the manufacturing of the profiles. The die and profiles will only be ordered after the order is accepted.


How does the pricing of the design services work?

Basic design work related to profile shape, as well as other closely related design work, is free of charge. A price for the design work will only be agreed on if and when the design work is expanded to cover assemblies, strength calculations, model pieces and so on. The price will be agreed before work is started.


What do I need to do before ordering design services?

Think about what type of design work you need done (even if you only have a rough idea) and contact our design service.


How do I order design services?

Either by contacting our sales department or directly contacting our design unit.


How do I order the manufacturing of the aluminium profiles?

By contacting our sales department or sending an e-mail to sales(at)makelaalu.fi.


How much do aluminium profiles weigh?

Mäkelä Alu manufactures profiles that weigh between 0.1 kg/m and 10 kg/m. From the extrusion lines, the profiles are delivered to the customer or for further processing at a length of 2–14 metres.