Our production facilities in Luoma-aho and Voikkaa have continued to operate normally despite the coronavirus epidemic. We have taken the following measures to ensure the continuity of our operations:

  • We have prepared general guidelines for our personnel that include information about the coronavirus, exposure to the virus, and actions to take in the event of exposure or infection, taking into account our production capacity requirements.
  • We have prepared guidelines for staff and visitors about visiting our premises during the epidemic.
  • Our sales, order, delivery, sourcing, design, IT and accounting functions have been secured by directing our staff to work from home.
  • The working capacity of our production staff has been secured by alternating remote work days.
  • The passageways used by production workers and departmental staff facilities have been separated to prevent cross-departmental chains of infection.
  • We have made a list of employees whose children have stayed home from school or daycare and we have prepared ourselves by planning their childcare leave.
  • We have developed back-up systems for logistics.
  • We are actively monitoring the situation of our suppliers and customers. We are also following the overall development of the situation and government press releases.