We will continue to pay particular attention to site visits and business travel, and we will closely monitor government communications regarding the coronavirus pandemic. You can find our up-to-date visitor guide from this link.

We will also not be attending trade fair events, although it does appear that many events have been postponed until the spring anyway. However, we are already looking forward to meeting our partners and customers again at our industry events, face to face.


A little boost during the corona spring

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have continually strived to provide up-to-date information, ensure staff safety, and reviewed our practices. This exceptional time has required a lot of extra energy and strength from our staff. In the spring, because of the crisis, we wanted to do something to boost the wellbeing of our staff, as many of us were surely scared and confused in the midst of the restrictions. News from around the world became increasingly gloomy day by day, and the forecasts on the progress of the outbreak and the shortage of intensive care beds were even gloomier. No wonder people felt anxious!

And so, our Chairman of the Board, Petri, came up with an idea that could cheer up the staff in the middle of the pandemic. At the same time, we also wanted to support local businesses during this difficult time. Our Recreation Committee planned a campaign in which staff were given a small gift each week. The message we wanted to convey with the gifts was, “We will get through this together by supporting each other”. The gifts were either accompanied by a card or customised in the spirit of the Corona campaign. All the products in the Corona “clothing collection” contain references to the coronavirus, because we wanted people to remember this special time, for example, when wearing a corona shirt even after three years.

Good luck to everyone during this corona crisis – we will get through this together! The picture shows some of the gifts from our “Corona campaign”.