For a long time now, we have been planning strategic solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and optimize our environmental performance. The environment is very important to us. Our production facility in Finland is located in the middle of the countryside, in the village of Luoma-aho. Here we get to enjoy the pure nature, but as an international actor, we understand, that environmental responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. That is why we work hard to protect the environment in every area of our business, which is reflected in our choices. In Mäkelä Alu, aluminium profiles are manufactured in accordance with green values.

A leader in waste-to-energy production

“All waste heat generated by the cooling process is transferred to water, from which heat can be recovered and utilized for heating the plant,” tells EHSQ Manager Päivi Venesoja. We are in the final stages of implementing the system. 

At the end of the year, Mäkelä Alu will introduce electrically driven heat pumps at their anodizing plant. The electrically driven heat pumps do not use LPG as energy. The solution reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the entire plant.

“We aim to reduce our carbon footprint, for example, by monitoring our CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are monitored more closely once every quarter of the year. We monitor all emissions to the air, water and land, and report them to the environmental authorities once a year,” tells Venesoja. Of course, emissions are monitored internally as well, some weekly and some monthly.
“The monitoring is continuous and extends through the entire organization, from management to production,” she adds.

 Green energy 

Mäkelä Alu’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by one third between 2015 and 2020. The energy used by Mäkelä Alu is produced using hydropower. Mäkelä Alu has a green energy certificate, which is granted every three years. Switching to green energy has significantly reduced the company’s CO2 emissions.
“Investments are essential for achieving our goal. Energy consumption, heat recovery and sustainability are always considered when making new investments. Our compact facilities and the proximity of subcontractors reduce our carbon footprint as well,” Venesoja states.

In Mäkelä Alu, environmental friendliness is also taken into account in transport solutions.
“Deliveries are well planned so that trucks are fully loaded in both directions,” tells Venesoja.
 In addition, all scrap metal produced in the pressing of aluminium profiles is recycled as raw material in Mäkelä Alu’s foundry.