We are constantly developing our operations and one of our recent development projects has been to make our plant area completely car-free. Only maintenance staff and external contractors are allowed to access the plant area by car.

Otherwise, we prefer non-motorised traffic between departments and the production unit’s staff facilities. The main non-motorised traffic routes are marked on the asphalt with paint. The plant area is primarily used by work machinery, and motorised vehicles have the right of way.


New staff facilities and logistics office

We have created a completely new car park in connection with our production unit, and new staff facilities have been built in its vicinity. This was a significant reform, as in the past, workers parked their cars in the vicinity of their own department, on the sides of the buildings, which was neither a safe nor a modern option.

Guests are currently being welcomed to our production unit in the new logistics office on the far side of the new car park. The staff will take care of briefing and equipping guests for their visit.

The parking area and reception of our sales office have remained unchanged.