Responsibility as a cornerstone

Our major responsibility themes are recorded in our strategy. Among others, they include valuing each individual, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, openness and honesty. We also take our responsibilities towards the environment very seriously and have committed to complying with the common rules agreed with our stakeholders and suppliers.

Responsibility is an integral part of our everyday operations. As proof of this, our operations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and GSB certified. These certificates indicate that we have a systematic approach to our responsibilities regarding quality, the environment, the safety of our employees, and the quality and safety of our production. All our products are available CE-marked. We can also provide the customer with the most common quality certificates, if necessary.

The goal we have set for ourselves is to reduce our CO2 emissions per kilogram of aluminium profile by two thirds from the 2015 level by year 2020. In addition, the aluminium we use in our production is primary aluminium produced using the cleanest methods, which means that by using our products the customer is doing their part in replacing aluminium produced using fossil fuels.

We measure the impact of our operations by conducting regular surveys with our stakeholders and continually strive to improve all aspects of our operations based on the feedback received.

Responsibility practices

We, our suppliers and our service providers are all committed to following common responsibility practices. These practices include e.g. good and equal treatment of employees, ensuring occupational safety and wellbeing at work and caring for the environment. We also encourage our partners to act responsibly. We are also committed to complying with the laws of each country whose markets we operate in.