Responsibility towards individuals and the community

Our company aims to support the local community in every way possible. For 80 years, we have had a major role in our village and offered employment to many people in the region. The effects our company has on the vitality of our village cannot be ignored. We have also helped preserve our village school and supported its operation.

To us, responsible business means that we want to be an important employer in our area, now and in the future. We want to keep the jobs in our village and thus support the vitality of the village of Luoma-aho and the communities around it. This way we can help create social well-being in our area. Our company also has a major role as an employer in the area. In our procurement and partner choices, we aim to include a wide variety of local businesses. This is also in line with our environmental responsibility principles.

We ensure the health and safety of our employees by using the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. We aim to manage and predict risks and work to prevent, for instance, work-related illnesses. We arrange regular trainings on these subjects, as well.