Quality throughout the process

Our customers are accustomed to flawless products and stable quality. The quality chain starts with the first contact and continues all the way to the point when the finished product is delivered to the customer. Statistical quality tools can be used to guide the process and make quality management more proactive. In our quality management, we use the ISO 9001 system.

Ensuring and maintaining high quality is an integral part of our operations and the foundation of our entire business. We monitor product and delivery quality constantly and request customer feedback. Listening to our customers plays a major role in our quality process, for which we have often received direct positive feedback!

Comprehensive quality management has led to changes in the traditional approach and role of the quality department. Their work has changed from pure quality control to providing quality training for personnel and managing the quality assurance framework, where we continually develop working methods.

Quality is ensured every step of the way

Our product quality monitoring has been brought as close as possible to the stage where we have the most power over the quality of the process. Profile cross sections and surface quality are inspected during the extrusion phase, coating and anodizing results are inspected immediately after surface treatment. We are always working to improve our processes, and a quality system can never be fully complete.

Our quality laboratory monitors, for example, the quality of the surface treatment and the materials as well as dimensional accuracy. Comprehensive quality management includes monitoring the quality of our further processing partners’ work. As an outward sign of our ability to produce excellent quality, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and GSB certified.  We can also provide the customer with the most common quality certificates, if necessary.